Here Are the Best Nerdy Wordle Variants

Wordle is an amazing game. Most of us are greatly enjoying our once-a-day, guess a word, brain teaser. And like all great things, Wordle is even better with a side of fandom. If there’s one thing fandoms know how to do expediently, it’s incorporate the latest trends into their fannish lives. And why not add a twist of your favorite franchise into the mix. From The Lord of the Rings to Taylor Swift Wordle version, we’ve collected some fun nerdy Wordles that have come out of the recent Wordle craze.

Lordle of the Rings: A Lord of the Rings Nerdy Wordle
Nerdy Lord of the Rings wordle and Gandalf smoking a pipe
Digitaltolkien/New Line Cinema

Clever, very clever. We see you The Lord of the Rings fans. But be warned. Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor… One does not simply play  Lordle of the Rings. The One Game comes with a little twist. While you could see words like “Bilbo” or “Shire,” you could also see ones like “sword” or “brook.” Because this nerdy Wordle “uses only five-letter words (including names) in the main text of Lord of the Rings.”

But when you stop to think about that, the main text of Lord of the Rings has a lot of words. Good luck fellow Fellowship members. May the eagles fly in your favor.

SWordle: A Star Wars Nerdy Wordle
Nerdy Star Wars Wordle with droids

Yes, the  Star Wars fandom needed a Wordle. And may the Force be with you as you try to crack the code on this nerdy Wordle. The instructions share, “Guess the Star Wars word in 6 tries. Each guess has to be 5 letters, think plurals too! The keyboard includes numbers and dashes, think of your favorite droids and more! The color of the letter indicates its status.” A little twist on this Star Wars wordle. Dashes and numbers are in play. But never easy is a Jedi’s life.

This fun Wordle also includes a specially-themed background. Nerds to love an aesthetic. You can also play using Aurebesh Characters if you desire even more nerdy excellence.

Taylordle and Wordle-BTS: Taylor Swift and BTS Nerdy Wordles
Nerdy BTS Wordle Varianty

Bandom is fandom too! And Taylor has one of the most devoted around. It’s no wonder a Taylor Swift-themed Wordle popped up. It belongs with the rest of the nerdy Wordles out there. The instructions simply share, “This is a Taylor Swift-themed clone of the game.” But if you’re a T-Swift stan, we have no doubt you’ll know exactly what words to play. (Or you’ll taste the bitter sting of defeat, which we know… All too well.”

Of course, we can’t forget Bandom royalty, the BTS ARMY. If you ask any ARMY, they’ll tell you the BTS wordle variant was one of the first nerdy Wordles around. Because the ARMY is always on top of things. They even got featured in India’s Rolling Stone. The BTS wordle shares, “This is a game of word guessing with BTS-related words.” And it cleverly demonstrates with the word, “Armys.” That’s smooth like butter, for sure.

Moxel: A Magic: The Gathering Nerdy Wordle 
Nerdy Magic The Gathering Wordle
Moxfield/ Ultra PRO

If you’re more of a tabletop-game-playing-nerd, this  Magic: The Gathering wordle is just for you. Although you’ll need to make a Moxfield log-in to play, once you’re in this M:TG wordle awaits you. Alas, “Magic” is not today’s word. But that would probably too easy, wouldn’t it? We’ll have to try “spell” or “swamp,” next. Moxel doesn’t offer too much description except to say the game is like Wordle but “adapted for Magic: the Gathering.”

May the cards and squares fall in your favor.

Squirdle: A Pokémon Nerdy Wordle 

Of all the nerdy Wordles, we think this Pokémon wordle has the best name. Although it functions on similar lines, this game actually works a bit differently than the traditional Wordle. Squirdle first thinks of a Pokémon. Then you guess a Pokémon name and receive Wordle-esque insights on the attributes that you’ve guessed correctly. It actually feels quite tricky. But die-hard fans will probably enjoy testing themselves in this way.

Can you catch all the Pokémon Wordle responses?

Nerdy Wordle variants including LOTR Nerdle and Pokemon Wordle - Gandalf and Pikachu next to a Wordle game
New Line Cinema/Wordle/The Pokémon Company
Other Nerdy Wordles: Star Trek Wordle, Supernatural Wordle, Mads Mikkelsen Wordle, Disney Wordle, and More to Come

We’re sure other nerdy Wordles will pop up soon. In fact, since we first wrote this article, a Fortnite Wordle, a Disney Wordle, Star Trek Wordlea Supernatural Wordle, and a Mads Mikkelsen Wordle have already popped up. So keep an eye out for more. We actually feel a bit disappointed we don’t have an MCU Wordle yet. Or an anime one. Personally, I would love a Doctor Who version. Let’s go fandoms!

Originally published on February 3, 2022. 

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