Amazing Marvel Dance Routine Will Have You Cheering

The  students on the award-winning PAC dance team at Walden Grove High School in Arizona just showed their love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coolest way imaginable, all while slaying the house down with a choreographed dance routine for the ages. The Homecoming assembly dance routine presented by the students this year (via Laughing Squid) celebrates almost the entirety of Marvel’s “ Infinity Saga,” with special attention paid to the events of Infinity War and Endgame. And we love it 3000.

You can watch the entire seven minute extravaganza down below:

After this truly Marvelous dance, the students tweeted a photo of the group in full Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy regalia. The world got to see them doing their best superhero poses in front of their school. Interestingly, it seems their school football team is called the Red Wolves; a nice coincidence since there’s an actual Marvel hero named Red Wolf. It was all fated to be I think.

This is not the first time that the students of Walden Grove High School have given us an amazing pop culture themed dance number at a school assembly. Last year, they went full Hogwarts and did an incredible Harry Potter themed number which brought the house down. They’ve also tackled The Wizard of Oz, the Pixar characters, and others as well. Somehow, they haven’t done Star Wars yet, but we imagine that’s gotta be on the docket for next year’s Homecoming assembly.

Watching the Marvel themed assembly is another indicator of just how huge the MCU has become. These were niche characters just a few years ago; now the heroes of an epic saga everyone has seen. There are probably moms and dads on those bleachers who are proud their kid got to dance up a storm as Thanos or Gamora. And they might actually know who Thanos and Gamora are. That alone is mind boggling at times. But amazing nevertheless. Here’s hoping these kids keep bringin’ it.

Images: YouTube / ThePac Walden Grove

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