Mark III Fighting Robot Celebrates Unveiling with Prius Punching Wedding Proposal

Although the debut bout of the first-ever Giant Fighting Robot Sports League (GFRSL) is set for August of this year between Japan’s KURATAS and America’s Mark III, neither real-life mech warrior has been seen in full, fighting form. That is… until now!

Feast your eyes, fleshy blood bags, on the Mark III: The giant pile of metal, gears, and crush-ability that’s set to represent the good ol’ U.S. of A. in a fight that will undoubtedly go down in history as the world’s first giant-robot duel to the death.

The Mark III, which is being built by the GFRSL’s founding company Megabots Inc., has been under construction for more than a year now, with teasers coming every once in a blue moon to remind people that the Mark III still exists and that all that kickstarter money (more than $550,000) required to build it was not spent in vain. With a bald eagle head on its shoulder, and a generous helping of red, white, and blue paint, the Mark III definitely has the whole ‘Murrica!’ vibe down, although sadly it looks like it still needs a lot of work.

Despite the fact that the 430-horsepower 12-ton Mark III still apparently requires constant tech support and component change-outs in order to remain operational, even at one-quarter power its hydraulic fists can still do serious damage. Here it is beating the crap out of a Prius for example, because screw that car for trying to get good gas mileage! (Also, the Prius is made by Japanese carmaker Toyota, so maybe there’s some attempted psyching-out going on here.)

Aside from the Prius Fatality, the Mark III was also used by one of its engineers to propose to his girlfriend. Here he is asking if he can join her dental plan ( because Lisa needs braces?).

What do you think about this first full unveil of the Mark III? Are you thrilled with the progress, or concerned that KURATAS may be able to take advantage of all these tech issues with its twin Gatling guns? Let us know your thoughts below!

Images:  YouTube / MegaBots Inc

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