Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart Face off in Hilarious Ad

The showdown sci-fi fans have been waiting on for over forty years has finally happened, in an epic face-off pitting Star Wars against  Star Trek. Luke Skywalker and Captain Picard came together for the ultimate battle. But Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart weren’t fighting over who will rule the galaxy. They went toe-to-toe over how to say the word “tomato.” Well, at least they did until Mark Hamill’s trash talk got delightfully weird.

The two Hollywood legends came together for a new Uber Eats commercial. In it both men, each looking quite dapper, enter an empty warehouse carrying their weapon of choice. Hamill has a baseball bat while Stewart wields a cricket bat. Hamill announces that for dinner he’s having a veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta, no “tuh-may-tos.” Stewart then enters to say that he’ll be eating four-cheese tortellini with extra “tuh-maah-toes.”

After both of their Uber Eats meals arrive, the Jedi and the Starfleet captain ready for battle. But before they can come to blows Stewart engages in some trash talk, telling Hamill, “Daddy’s not here to save you.”

To which Hamill says, “Oh, I am my daddy.” Which is… uh, maybe a reference to Darth Vader? Or… not? It’s not entirely clear, not even to the two of them. And it’s easily the best part of a fun, silly commercial featuring two of our favorites.

Mark Hamill Battles Patrick Stewart Over Uber Eats

But this promo does raise an interesting question: who are you theoretically rooting for here and why? Are you simply looking at this as Star Wars/Star Trek showdown? Or, since this argument is over how to say “tomato,” are you throwing in with your preferred pronunciation?

What if you’re a Trekkie who hates the way Patrick Stewart says “tomato,” though?  Strangely, it’s a compelling question. And the whole thing is making us hungry.

Featured Image: Uber Eats

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