A MARIO KART Mobile Game is Coming to Your Smartphone

Following the successes of  Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, seems that another beloved gaming classic is making its way to a smartphone near you: Mario Kart. As USA Today reports, Nintendo announced they are working to adapt the game into a mobile app called Mario Kart Tour. For now, Mario Kart Tour is set to hit the app store in March of 2019.

Apart from the intended release window and the title, Nintendo didn’t provide any additional details on Mario Kart Tour. It’s not clear if the game will have an AR component like Pokémon GO, or if it will simply be a streamlined take on an old favorite like Super Mario Run. However, with Nintendo’s huge success with Super Mario Run, it’s no wonder they’re looking to adapt another one of their classic games into a smartphone app.


As companies embrace smartphone apps more and more, it’s exciting to see some of our favorite games get adapted into this portable format. Mario Kart is a game that would work perfectly in an iPhone or Android, so it’s great to see that Nintendo moving in that direction.

We’ll have to wait and see how many of the maps provided are throwbacks to the Nintendo 64 maps, and how many are new maps. However, if Super Mario Run is any indication, Nintendo has figured out how to make a well-loved video game into a fun app that old and new fans of Mario will love. We’re really excited to see what they manage to to create when Mario Kart Tour officially hits the app store.

Would you play Mario Kart on your phone? What do you hope to see in this new version of the game? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Images: Nintendo

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