Nintendo Confirms a MARIO Movie Is In the Works

Update, 1/31/18: confirmed reports that they’re partnering with Illumination, the animation studio behind Minions and Despicable Me, on an animated movie starring Mario. The film will be co-produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meledandri. They haven’t announced a release date yet, but really, isn’t Super Mario timeless?

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There is perhaps no category of film adaptation more maligned than the video game movie. And there is perhaps no video game movie more mocked than 1993’s Super Mario Bros. The Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo led adventure comedy has maintained such a sour reputation that it’s looked like no one would ever dare to attempt a Mario movie again. That is, until now.

As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, Illumination Entertainment is in talks with Nintendo to bring a brand new Mario Bros. picture to life. Apparently, such discussions have been carrying on under the radar over the course of the past year, breeding even further optimism that a deal might indeed come to light.

The notion of a Mario movie seems like a no-brainer. The overwhelming popularity of the Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario Odyssey proves that the 30-odd-year-old princess-saving ex-plumber is just as beloved and exciting a property now as he was back in his ape-hammering days.

The burning question: Which of Mario’s varied adventures would lend best to a feature film? The traditionalist in me thinks that Illumination would be wisest to send its hero on a quest through the plains, pipes, seas, deserts, tundra, ghost houses, and cloud realms of the Mushroom Kingdom we all know and love, though perhaps the big screen is an opportunity to send the pint-sized Don Quixote on a quest brand new to lifelong Mario devotees.

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