Watch a Live-Action SUPER MARIO RUN Performance

The recently released trailer for Universal Studios Japan’s  Super Nintendo World theme park attraction has really hyped us up for the inevitable real world trek into the Mushroom Kingdom… complete with  real-life Mario Kart. Making matters more exciting, Shigeru Miyamoto and some Universal executives gave a presentation about the new endeavor at its groundbreaking ceremony just yesterday. The reason this matters to you at home, though, is because they were introduced by a live-action Super Mario Run performance that you can watch below ( via Kotaku).

How it worked: A guy in a Mario costume ran in place on a stage as the Super Mario Run environment whizzed by him. He hurtled over Goombas, collected coins, and, pretty hilariously, messed up and punched a floating block way too early, seconds before it actually exploded. Darn lag. (Understandably,  a video uploaded by Universal Studios Japan actually cut that part out.)

We rib in good fun, though, because we actually can’t wait for Super Nintendo World, although it looks like we’re going to have to. The attraction is set to open in Japan in 2020, and we’re not sure if we can expect a similar time frame for the U.S. version of it. As Kotaku observed, constructions isn’t very far along just yet, but when this thing finally happens, color us excited.

What did you think of the IRL Super Mario Run? What features do you most want to see in Super Nintendo World? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン(USJ)公式チャンネル/YouTube

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