Listen to a Piano Mashup of MANDALORIAN and BOBA FETT Themes

For years, we only thought of one name when it came to Star Wars music: John Williams. His iconic score to the saga remains embedded into all of our brains. But when The Mandalorian hit, we had a new name creating equally iconic themes for the galaxy far, far away. Ludwig Göransson’s theme for Mando is now recognizable to fans all over the world. And his theme for The Book of Boba Fett is striking in a totally different way.

Now, YouTube channel AtinPiano has mashed up both of Göransson’s Star Wars themes into one piece. played beautifully on the piano. You can listen to the full Mando/Boba musical mashup right here:

When it came to composing this mashup, AltinPiano said the following in the video’s comments, “They’re tough to combine outside of the opening riffs since they’re written in different time signatures. So I opted for a back and forth instead.” We think it all works together rather wonderfully. As we all know after The Book of Boba Fett episodes five and six, the two Disney+  Star Wars shows really have a “back and forth” in the storytelling department too. So having a musical mashup too makes a ton of sense.

Mando and Boba Fett, together in season two of The Mandalorian.

The AltinPiano YouTube channel has a metric ton of other piano covers. Most of them of video game themes and movie soundtracks. Halo gets the lion’s share of videos, but there is a lot of other Star Wars musical content on their channel. These include piano covers of The Bad Batch, and Sabine’s theme from Star Wars: Rebels. Also inspired by Rebels is Grand Admiral Thrawn’s theme music. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the three Spider-Man themes combined for a lovely tribute inspired by No Way Home. Be sure to check them all out by heading over to AtinPiano’s channel.

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