You Can Buy the Shiny and Chrome MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Cars

When Immortan Joe led his War Boys into action in Mad Max: Fury Road, he did so in style. Well, post-apocalyptic style. His army drove a variety of tricked out cars through the desert in a caravan. The film’s production designer, Colin Gibson, scavenged Australian junkyards to find cars and post-apocalyptic accessories to create over 100 unique vehicles with his crew. Many of those cars and trucks rolled through the sands in Mad Max: Fury Road‘s epic chase scene. And now 13 of them are up for sale. Yes, you can buy Mad Max: Fury Road‘s cars.

An image of a modified truck, the Doof Wagon, in the desert

Warner Bros./Lloyd’s Auctions

Lloyd’s Auctions, an Australian auction house for classic cars and motorcycles, has some of the most iconic vehicles from the movie for sale. These cars are not replicas either; they were used in filming. The only catch is that the buyer has to purchase the entire collection. So if you have your heart set on calling the Doof Wagon yours, you’ll have to get it as part of the whole kit and caboodle. Obviously only those with massive garages need participate.

Mad Max: Fury Road‘s cars for sale include the previously mentioned Doof Wagon, The War Rig (the one Imperator Furiosa drives), The Gigahorse (Immortan Joe’s car), The Nux Car, two convoy cars (Elvis and Flamer), Razor a pole car, Sabretooth, a fire car, Caltrop #5 (an El Dorado), a Rat Rod Chevy, and a Buick modified with a heavy artillery mount.

A collage of cars from Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner Bros./Lloyd’s Auctions

The buyer could totally start a Mad Max: Fury Road convention with just these vehicles. The auction goes until September 26. Interested parties still have time to consider investing. Lloyd’s Auctions makes it clear they will accept any currency, even cryptocurrencies. And they’ll arrange shipping to anywhere. While you ponder just how much shipping a fleet of 13 cars across an ocean would cost, take a look at all the vehicles at Lloyd’s site.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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