FURIOSA Spin-Off Eyes Anya Taylor-Joy (Report)

It’s been a wild news week and it looks like it keeps getting stranger. In an article about films that have been stuck in production limbo due to the coronavirus crisis Variety revealed that George Miller had met with The Witch‘s Anya Taylor-Joy about starring in his upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road sequel Furiosa! Apparently this would be in addition to a direct sequel to Max, presumably bringing back Tom Hardy as the desert-driving warrior, “Mad Max” Rockatansky. Honestly, the more of George Miller’s visually striking post-apocalypse the better…

George Miller Eyes Anya Taylor Joy for FURIOSA Spin-Off (Report)_1

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Though the news came in a typically March 2020 way, through the lens of the pandemic sweeping the globe, it’s still really, really exciting. One: it seems to confirm that Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road Furiosa spin-off is actually happening as the Variety article mentioned that Miller had been auditioning via Skype in the hopes of beginning shooting next year. Two: we could get to see one of our favorite actresses entering into the post-apocalyptic fray that Miller reinvented in his brutal and brilliant sequel that centered Charlize Theron’s Furiosa and her mission to save the young and imprisoned wives of the monstrous dictator of The Citadel, Immortan Joe.

The Witch


The biggest reason to be excited here though, is that Taylor-Joy is one of the most exciting actors working right now. If you’ve yet to see her stunning performance in Robert Eggers’ The Witch then you have a new movie at the top of your must watch list. Fans of Split and its sequel Glass will recognize the actress from her role as the compassionate heroine of the Unbreakable sequels. She showed her range and power in the massively underrated Thoroughbreds, and will be starring as Magik in the (maybe cursed) New Mutants movie that will probably end up on Disney+ in the next few months. Basically she’s a prime pick for an action badass surviving in a post-apocalyptic world and it is incredibly exciting to see Taylor-Joy and Miller possibly team up.

Featured Image: Warner Bros