Science Explains if You Could Survive MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Is Mad Max: Fury Road the greatest movie ever made? Yes, probably, but that doesn’t mean you’d actually want to witness firsthand what it’s like to actually live in the post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. If you had to, though, how long would you be able to make it? With scarce resources, a fleet of crazed War Boys chasing you, and the blistering sun always bearing down on you as just a few of the many terrible obstacles you’d face on a daily basis, could you survive very long? Science has the answer.In the pilot for Could You Survive the Movies?, a new series from YouTube and VSauce that combines the investigative spirit of MythBusters with the production values of a Hollywood blockbuster, Jake Roper, who previously explained the chances Home Alone would have killed us, hits the Fury Road to test out the science behind the many ways the film was out to get Max and Furiosa. From the nuclear fallout that killed the world, to being a human blood bag attached to the front of a car, to the unrelenting dangers of the environment and the threat of explosions everywhere, there are lots of reasons you might end up in Valhalla sooner than you’d like.

Oh, we thought living in the world of Mad Max was really hard, when it turns out it’s nearly impossible.Although if we’re being completely honest, even before watching this we already knew the answer to whether or not we could survive the Fury Road — no way in hell. But at least it was entertaining and informative to learn exactly all the ways it would kill us.What should be the next film Could You Survive the Movie explores? Tell us your best idea in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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