LudoCherry Has the Perfect Outfit For Your Next Game Night

Whether you’re gearing up for game night or want to add some geekery to your outfit for going out on the town, LudoCherry has you covered. The playful new clothing brand focuses on added stylish shirts or vintage-style skirts to your wardrobe that show your love for tabletop gaming without having to shout it from the rooftops.

The crowdfunding campaign to kickstart the clothing line reached full funding in just eight hours, and you still have plenty of time to get in on it.

LudoCherry Skirts and Shirts


The nods to tabletop gaming in these colorful clothes are so subtle you might need to make an investigation check to find them. “Each of our LudoCherry textiles has been lovingly created to celebrate tabletop gaming by integrating iconic components from board games into classic patterns,” says the campaign description. Prints feature twenty-sided dice hidden in polka dots, a paisley-inspired pattern with Eurogame game pieces, and mini meeples hiding in a floral pattern.

LudoCherry was created by Phoebe Wild when her love of vintage fashion collided with her lifelong board game addiction. She’s making her gaming-meets-fashion dream happen alongside business partner Mark Harris. “LudoCherry is a new kind of geeky clothing, designed to be subtle and stylish so you can wear it anywhere – perfect for game night, the office, or anything in between,” says the company. “The result is clothing that winks at gamers while still being beautiful pieces that can be worn anywhere, not just at a convention or your local game store.”

Short-sleeve button-up shirts for men featuring these patterns are available in sizes small through 4XL. As for the gloriously vintage circle skirts, they’ll be available in sizes 2-20. (Those skirts look like they make it impossible to resist a good twirl.) The skirt band is elastic for four inches of extra stretch.

LudoCherry Circle Skirts


Oh, and the skirts have pockets that hold “over 200 dice.” How could you not back a Kickstarter that measures pocket size in dice?

The clothes, made from 100 percent cotton, are ethically and sustainably manufactured, says LudoCherry. Combined with a smaller manufacturing to meet the numbers of Kickstarter backers, the prices might be a little more than you’re used to paying for your wardrobe—especially if you’re typically a T-shirt and shorts type. But it’s a worthy investment for high-quality clothes made with an obvious love for gaming. A pledge for a button-down shirt is about $45 USD plus shipping; the skirt is about $65 USD plus shipping. You can also pledge for a combination of shirt and skirt.

LudoCherry Fabric Print


If you’re the type who has had bad luck with sizing and fit when ordering clothes online, don’t worry! The clothing brand also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

You have until March 25 to lend your support to the LudoCherry Kickstarter campaign, so do some spring cleaning in your closet to make room for some playful new clothes.

Featured Image: LudoCherry

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