These Edible Dice Will Make Your Game Night a Critical Hit

There are always two very important things to remember when organizing your next tabletop game night: pick up some snacks, and don’t forget to bring your dice. With Sonja’s incredible edible dice, you can slay two dragons with one stone and make those critical hits even sweeter.

Sonja, owner of the Etsy shop SugarAndDiceCrafts, says she created the glittery dice “to give sugar and joy to some folks.” Made by hand out of isomalt sugar, the dice can be eaten as hard candy or dropped into a cup of your favorite hot tea when your D&D session goes late into the night.“It was such an entirely random idea to do this as a secret Santa present,” says Sonja. “I made another batch for tabletop-playing friends I met during [a] convention. After posting them on Twitter, that post kind of escalated a bit.”

She received such an enthusiastic response that she opened up her own shop to sell completely customizable and edible dice to hungry D&D fans. Sonja even offers two different sizes, so you can make your tea or snack just right.

Of course, being handmade out of sugar, the wobbly dice aren’t quite game-ready. You should pick up your usual favorite dice for those important rolls, unless you’re actually chaotic evil in real life.

Sonja might even try to cook up some chocolate dice in the future, she said recently on Twitter. Chocolate or hand candy—how do you roll? Tell us in the comments!

Images: Sonja / SugarAndDiceCrafts

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