Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses

Hogwarts house colors and magical embellishments are always in style, and since style is the name of the game at Unique Vintage, it comes as no surprise that they’ve been able to completely change the game when it comes to Harry Potter fashion. The site recently began selling these four gorgeous swing dresses, each featuring a Hogwarts house’s color scheme. (Ravenclaws, take note: the Rowena style is done up with movie colors, not book colors. Blue and bronze has never translated quite as well in real life. I’d opt for blue and silver anyway, were I a Ravenclaw… which I am not.)

Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses_1

Each style is available in sizes XS-5X and named for a different notable alumnus: Minerva (McGonagall), Narcissa (Black), Helga (Hufflepuff), and Rowena (Ravenclaw). They feature non-uniform-regulation ties at the neck and a pattern of wands around the skirt.

Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses_2

House points to anyone who can identify who the wands belong to; I spotted Voldemort’s and I think I can see Harry’s, but I haven’t looked closely at any one of them since Ollivander gave them a thorough examination in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses_3

I’ve always liked Slytherin’s colors best—they’re the classiest, and the easiest to find in stores outside Diagon Alley—but, given my Gryffindor status, I’ve been eyeing the Minerva dress since UV first released the mini-collection. ( Which, by the way, also includes some sweet accessories.) Whether I end up suiting up for Ancient Runes or not, I’m hoping to see at least a few stylish students this Halloween.

Unique Vintage Makes Magic with Hogwarts House Dresses_4

Check out other Halloween-appropriate Unique Vintage pieces in their creepy collection, and share photos when your seasonally appropriate wardrobe arrives!

Which dress do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Unique Vintage

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