LUCKY Trailer Puts a Spin on Home-Invasion Horror

It feels like “not believing women in danger” could be its own horror sub-genre. From Rosemary’s Baby to The Invisible Man, it’s a common trope in scary films. But what if you added another layer to that? What if you were believed, but people simply didn’t care? And what if no place was ever truly safe? That’s even more terrifying. And that’s the premise behind Shudder’s upcoming horror release Lucky.

In the first trailer for Lucky—which stars Brea Grant (who also wrote the script) and was directed by Natasha Kermani—we see the ramifications of such a predicament. The film looks to put a spin on both home invasion storylines and the time-loop trend. And it does so with a lot of style and intrigue.

Lucky follows May (Grant), a self-help writer trying to get her next book off the ground. May seemingly has it all: a successful career, a kind husband, and an idyllic home. But not everything is what it seems. There’s also a mysterious, murderous man stalking her. As her husband nonchalantly declares in the trailer, “That’s the man. He comes every night and tries to kill us.” What in the hell is going on here?

LUCKY Trailer Puts a Spin on Home-Invasion Horror_1Shudder

The trailer offers up a lot of intriguing pull quotes from critics comparing it to the likes of Kafka and John Carpenter. We gave Lucky a positive review out of Fantasia Fest, calling it a “feminist slasher that packs a surreal punch.” We also noted that it’s “a thrilling time-loop mystery wrapped in a layered feminist parable about agency, guilt, and the fear of losing control.” What’s not to love about that?

Horror fans don’t have to wait long for Lucky. The film hits the streaming service Shudder in all territories—U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand—on March 4.

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