Lucky Charms Giant Marshmallow-Only Bags on Their Way

Everyone knows the “magically delicious” part of Lucky Charms, one of the greatest cereals ever, comes from its marshmallows. They are among the single best bites in all of breakfast, which is why the closest thing one sibling can do to another that could constitute a war crime is picking all of them out of the box. Armies have fought over less, yet that has never stopped kids from making an entire bowl with all of the toasted oat pieces picked out. Now though, children and adults alike won’t have to, because Lucky Charms has announced it will release giant marshmallow-only bags, a foodstuff that sounds equal parts amazing for our mouths and worrisome for our waistlines.

Lucky Charms Giant Marshmallow-Only Bags on Their Way_1
Image: Lucky Charms

Starting this month, August 2019, Lucky Charms Magically Delicious Marshmallows will begin hitting store shelves, before being available nationwide everywhere in September. The new seven-ounce bags ($1.50) are sticking around too, as a permanent Jet-Puffedline product. While they will come with the classic lineup of shapes and colors – green shamrocks, pink hearts, yellow stars, and blue moons – these are different than the kind of marshmallows you find in a box of Lucky Charms. The vanilla-flavored pieces are both bigger and puffier, which should give them more of a traditional marshmallow quality than the dry, smaller, crunchier ones that have graced cereal bowls for generations. We doubt anyone of any age will want to eat these in a bowl of milk (though many/we will still probably do it anyway).

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Image: Lucky Charms

These are designed to be more a snack or addition to another dessert rather than a new cereal. Because while these new marshmallows are fat free (one serving is 15 pieces and 100 calories), each portion also contains 17 total grams of sugar. A whole bowl of them is not exactly a healthy way to start the day. Or end it, which is likely what we will do with these after an exhausting day at work.

Kids want those magically delicious marshmallows, but sometimes adults need them too.

Featured Image: Lucky Charms

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