Celebrate Your Love (and Middle-earth) with LORD OF THE RINGS Wedding Bands

Sauron had “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” My wife has something similar. Heyo! …Sorry. (Especially to my lovely wife). I didn’t mean to go all hacky ’80s standup on you, but I couldn’t resist. Not after checking out Manly Bands The Lord of the Rings wedding band collection. These nine rings, inspired by different characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, are the perfect way for fans of the story to bind themselves to another. And that’s true whether you’re dwarf, elf, or one of the Mortal Men doomed to a lifetime with a spouse who loves making terrible jokes.

The nine rings from Manly Bands Lord of the rIngs wedding band collection, with all of them standing up in a row
Manly Bands

Forget Middle-earth’s rings of power. Manly Bands’ newest wedding bands collection—which takes its place alongside the company’s DC Comics set—is a perfect union. It’s a perfect way for a couple to celebrate both their love for each other and their love of The Lord of the Rings.

And this nine-ring collection has something for everyone (and every price range), no matter which aspect of the story you love most. Yes, that includes if you serve the Dark Lord himself. Here’s each ring in the set along with their official description.

The Frodo ($695.00)

Manly Bands Frodo Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

Proving that bravery comes in all (finger) sizes, this ring is made of Moss, Teak Wood and Black Zirconium.

The Aragorn ($695.00)

Manly Bands Aragorn Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

Leaders of men will stand out of the crowd with this ring made of Desert Ironwood, Sterling Silver, and Balck Zirconium.

The Legolas ($595.00)

Manly Bands Legolas Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

For those of refinement and true loyalty, this ring is made of Bow String, Green Ash Wood, and Cobalt Chrome. 

The Gimli ($595.00)

Manly Band Gimlin Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

When strength and boldness are required, choose this ring made of Gold Cerakote, Black Zirconium and a Distressed Finish of Runic carvings.

The Gandalf ($395.00)

Manly Bands Gandalf ring Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

Ageless compassion and wisdom are traits represented in this ring made of Forged Carbon Fiber, Titanium and an Angled Stone Finish.

The Gollum ($495.00)

Manly Bands Gollum ring Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

Misunderstood and darkly clever, beware of this ring made of Black and Forged Carbon Fiber and Black Zirconium. 

The Ringwraith ($495.00)

Manly bands Ringwraith Lord of the Rings wedding band standing up
Manly Bands

Created for the masters of great power and cunning, this ring is made of Damascus Steel and Black Zirconium. 

The Sauron ($795.00)

Manly Bands Sauron wedding band shown on a hand
Manly Bands

For those who forge their own destiny, this ring is made with a Red Glow & Lava Rock Inlay, Black Zirconium and Cerakote Sleeve.

The One Ring ($1,595.00)

Manly Bands One Ring on its side in an envelope fromn the Lord of the Rings wedding band
Manly Bands

Only the purest of heart can handle the power of The One Ring, made from 14K Solid Gold.

Not sure “purest of heart” comes to mind when thinking of the One Ring. But who cares, that thing is gorgeous. Precious even. I must have it. (Oh no! It’s working!)

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Warner Bros. to create the most setting-accurate wedding ring collection from The Lord of the Rings,” said John Ruggiero, co-Founder of Manly Bands, in a statement. “Now couples can own the rings from their favorite fantasy world – without having to fight a dragon!”

…Okay, but they can still fight a dragon if they want, right? Cause that would make for one memorable wedding. Though I guess using these bands to express their love is cool enough. Just so long as Manly Bands’ One Ring doesn’t work like the original. Marriage should be a partnership, not a dictatorship. Nor an exxcuse to make hacky ’80s jokes,.

Mikey Walsh is a staff writer at Nerdist. He also loves his wife, who has a great sense of humor. You can follow him on Twitter at  @burgermike. And also anywhere someone is ranking the Targaryen kings.

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