This LORD OF THE RINGS App Allows You to “Walk to Mordor”

Ever wonder just how far Frodo and Sam walked in The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Thanks to one Middle-earth fan on TikTok by the name of DonMarshall72, we know. They estimate that from the Shire to the fires of Mount Doom spans an enormous 2,765.6 kilometers. Or, about 1,718.5 miles. And Frodo and Sam both walked barefoot. So if these halflings could do it, what is your excuse not to? Why not get motivated to walk like a Hobbit, so to speak?

Well, as with most things these days, there’s an app for that. And it’s named, appropriately enough, “ Walk to Mordor.” The existence of this app comes to us via a story on CNET. The author used the Hobbits’ journey in the films to motivate herself to get back up on that treadmill and start exercising again. The Walk to Mordor app actually outdoes the journey in the films. It accounts for the longer distance recorded in Tolkien’s book.

Stopping off at Tom Bombadil’s house factors into the app’s trip. And the films famously omitted that section of the books. Ultimately, via the app, the novel’s version of the journey is a total of 3,109.17 kilometers. So about 1,931.95 miles. As with most book-to-film adaptations, they chopped off a lot of the extra mileage. Quite literally.

Infamous meme of Sean Bean from The Fellowship of the Ring.

New Line Cinema

As the original article points out, other pop culture apps exist to motivate one to get off the couch. Particularly, a whole mess of zombie ones. Not sure yet if we have an “escape from a slasher” exercise app, but we should. In the end though, what is more motivating than imagining oneself as Frodo or Sam, needing to walk that pesky One Ring into the volcano to its destruction? Time to exercise like the fate of Middle-earth is counting on you. When it comes to your personal exercise journey, you bow to no one.

Featured Image: New Line Cinema

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