LOKI Becomes a Time Lord in DOCTOR WHO-Style Credits

Loki introduced the MCU to the TVA. For an exciting, funny, and moving journey through time and relative dimension in space. (A trip even the most skilled analysts make with trusty companions by their side.) In the end we learned it is He Who Remains that lords over time. Though far worse villains lurk in the vortex of his domain, dangerous enemies waiting for the chance to change history. The show was something entirely new for the franchise. But not for television fans. Because if the God of Mischief wasn’t a Prince of Asgard, we’d think he was originally from Gallifrey. Loki was basically a surprise season of Doctor Who. So we went ahead and gave it the opening credits mashup it deserves.

Our newest Nerdist Remix comes from our own history-making editor, Matt Caron. This time he combined Marvel with the BBC, into a crossover trip through the Sacred Timeline. Instead of a blue police box TARDIS though, this journey will be made with a TemPad. It can also open doors to any time and any place in history. And rather than the Ninth Doctor, we’ll be joining Odin’s troublemaking son for some time-hopping fun.

Like Time Lords, Loki will even run into other versions of himself. There’s Loki, Loki, Loki, and, of course, Loki. The similarities don’t end there though. Each Loki even has their own distinct attire, just as Gallifrey’s most famous denizen’s many iterations do. Apparently Time Lords, no matter the franchise, love to keep things fresh with every regeneration.

Loki in a shirt, tie, and windbreaker stands in front of SylvieMarvel/Nerdist

Technically this crossover already exists within the MCU. He Who Remains said his world contains infinite universes. One of them must have its very own millennia-old alien hopping across time in a scarf or long coat. And like Loki, they too are a charming rogue who keeps making friends everywhere they go.

The deeper into the timeline of both shows you go, the more you realize the MCU series does owe a whole lot to Doctor WhoLoki was a remix even before we gave it one.

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