LOKI Director Explains Why They Left Out Mobius’ Backstory

Loki‘s season one finale had plenty of questions to address, and it provided many answers. Save for one glaring omission. While it wasn’t a huge issue in the grand scheme of the MCU, the most important question of all was whether Agent Mobius M. Mobius would get to ride his precious jet ski. Clearly that did not happen. Nor did we find out anything else about him. And that was intentional. Director Kate Herron says they purposely didn’t address his backstory. But the show still can someday.

Owen Wilson with a mustache hugs LokiMarvel

All we know for sure about the past of Owen Wilson’s lovable TVA agent is that he loves Josta soda and jet skis. We imagine he had a Nirvana poster in his garage, too. But we don’t know for sure what else was going on in his former life during (presumably) the ’90s.

However, we almost found out! Loki director and executive producer was a guest on the Phase Zero podcast (as we first heard at /Film). On the show, she explained why they ultimately decided not to include more about Mobius’ life pre-Time Variance Authority.

“There were a few drafts of the script where you did see, like, a family, or you did see a life,” she said. “But I think we all kind of decided we don’t know what it is yet. And I think that’s exciting, right? Because it gives more road to travel with him.”

Mobius and Hunter B-15 near the archives at the TVA on LOKIMarvel

Omitting additional details also made one of the show’s most emotional moments that much more effective. “And I think it’s more painful when he is going to be deleted, him saying, ‘What if I had a family?’ Because, maybe he did or maybe he didn’t,” Herron said. “I don’t know where the writers will take his character.”

We know where they should: to a large body of water back home. Loki had good reasons not to do that in season one. But no timeline is worth protecting if Mobius doesn’t get to ride his jet ski eventually.

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