LOGAN Deleted Scene Reveals the Fate of [SPOILER]

Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman brought his 17-year run as Wolverine to a close with  Logan, which went on to become one of the most popular films in the X-Men franchise. While Logan offered closure for almost all of the characters, there’s at least one major death that took place off-screen. But in a newly revealed deleted scene, one of Wolverine’s last friends meets a very painful and poignant end.There are spoilers ahead for Logan. If you still haven’t seen it by now, this would be a good time to stop reading! Yahoo! Movies has debuted a clip from the digital release of Logan, which takes place in the aftermath of the battle with X-24. In the film, Caliban (Stephen Merchant) had been forced to use his mutant tracking powers to find Logan and X-23/Laura. As a measure of redemption, Caliban managed to blow himself up with a van full of Transigen operatives. But as we see in this clip, Caliban didn’t immediately die of his wounds.

This was a well-played scene from Jackman and Merchant that should have been left in the final cut, if only for that last moment between them. Logan’s relationship with Caliban may not have been as close as the one he had with Professor Xavier, but they were friends…or at least allies. Logan may have believed that Caliban was already dead, which would explain his shock here. But in the wake of losing the Professor, Logan simply leaves Caliban’s body behind and carries Laura away. It’s an incredibly bleak ending for one Logan’s last connections to the world, which only enhances its power.Logan will be released on digital HD on Tuesday, May 16. The Blu-ray and DVD release will follow on May 23.What did you think about Caliban’s revised demise? Pop your claws in the comment section below!

Image: 20th Century Fox

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