People have found countless ways to pass the time during quarantine. From doing puzzles and reading old classics, to recreating famous movies and building elaborate Rube Goldberg machines, there have been numerous approaches of surviving the tedium of being stuck at home. However, we’re not sure if anyone has used COVID as an excuse to pull off a jewel heist. At least not in real life. But that’s what Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor will attempt in the upcoming HBO Max original film Locked Down.

And the first trailer looks like Ocean’s Eight meets War of the Roses. Then they had to live together against their will.

“Just as they decide to separate, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor) find life has other plans when they are stuck at home in a mandatory lockdown. Co-habitation is proving to be a challenge, but fueled by poetry and copious amounts of wine, it will bring them closer together in the most surprising way.”

Locked Down, written by Steven Knight (Serenity, Peaky Blinders) comes from Doug Liman. The director is best known for The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Edge of Tomorrow. All three also involved characters pulling off covert operations. His latest scheme is far more timely than any of those though. And definitely more relatable. Some people (lots?) would definitely like to get away from their living partners. We doubt many would attempt to steal a multimillion dollar diamond to deal with their issues though.

Anne Hathaway looks at Chiwetel Ejiofor in Locked DownHBO Max

But maybe they would if they had an all-star cast like this to help them. The film also features Stephen Merchant, Mindy Kaling, Lucy Boynton, Dulé Hill, Jazmyn Simon, Ben Stiller, and Sir Ben Kingsley. Actually, forget pulling off a heist. We’d be cool having a Zoom with all of them. At least for a little while.

Being home all the time is frustrating. If this goes on much longer we actually might be willing to try a high-stakes theft just to get out of the house.

Locked Down comes to HBO Max on January 14.

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