LOCKE & KEY Teases Season 2 Images and Release Date

Netflix’s Geeked Week continues to be a delight. There have been some pretty exciting updates and announcements from the streaming service about current shows like Shadow and Bone and upcoming material alike. The latest news is about Locke & Key, the supernatural drama that dropped its first season back in February 2020. The show is so popular that there’s a second AND third season on the way, the former of which fans are ready for this year. The big statement is always “drop the date announcement” or “give us a first look” and Netflix did that…sort of.

Three siblings sitting in a circle talking

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

The announcement came via Netflix Geeked’s Twitch stream on June 8. Locke & Key season two will drop sometime in October 2021 and we can’t wait to get the date sometime soon. But the photos are a pretty big treat.

This first photo shows Nina handing off some coffee to a mysterious new man. Is this a new love interest? What is happening here?!

Nina from Locke & Key handing a man a coffee cup

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Then, there’s good ole demon Gabe who looks like he’s up to no good. He apparently means business with Eden in this clip. This isn’t surprising because, well, he is a demon, right?

a photo of gabe from locke & key poking someone with a metal stick

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

And who is this new friend hanging out with Bode? We can’t wait to see how Jamie fits into the Locke & Key picture.

Bode from Locke & Key with Jamie as they look at a small house

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

There are several other Locke & Key photos to tease a bit more about season two. Of course, there are not any further details about what fans can expect. But, there is the comfort of knowing that there’s more material on the way in just a few short months.

It’s a pretty exciting update for fans considering there hasn’t been much Locke & Key news for a while. The “Season 2 coming in 2021” reveal came way back in December 2020, nearly six months ago. Now, fans can get ready to dive back into Locke & Key in all its twisty, supernatural horror glory.

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