Mandy Moore Announces First New Album in Over a Decade

There’s a whole generation that only knows Mandy Moore from her work on the NBC drama This Is Us. That’s not exactly a bad thing, as the show has become the kind of smash hit few network series can even dream of these days. For many, Mandy Moore is Rebecca Pearson. But for those of us who can remember a time before smartphones and streaming sites, we will always think of her as a pop star first. She came into our lives as a singer. Now, more than a decade after her last album, she is returning to her roots. Moore has announced she is releasing an all new record, and she shared the news with a new single.

Moore’s Silver Landings LP (which we first learned about at Rolling Stone) will hit stores on March 6. This will be her first album since Amanda Leigh, which came out way back in 2009. The announcement was accompanied by a new single from the record: “Save a Little For Yourself.” It’s a catchy pop song with a country soul about self-care. It’s also as good as she has ever sounded, which seems unfair for someone who is also a star on a current hit TV show.

Silver Landings, which can be pre-ordered now, will mark Moore’s seventh full studio album. Her debut album, 1999’s So Real, went platinum. It was followed by I Wanna Be With You (2000), Mandy Moore (2001), Coverage (2003), Wild Hope (2007), and Amanda Leigh (2009). But “Save a Little For Yourself” isn’t the first time she has releases new music since then. The track is actually the third song from the upcoming album. Last September, Moore released “When I Wasn’t Watching.”

And in November she shared “I’d Rather Lose.”

For fans who best know Moore’s musical career from hits like “ Crush” and “ Candy,” these songs have a bit more of a mature edge to them. But you have to remember, she released her first album at the age of 15. That was almost 21 years ago. Now she’s a very old 35. Wait, what? That’s not old at all! Good grief, Many Moore has been in our lives a long time.

Not that we’re complaining. It’s just surprising. Sure, there might be a whole generation of people who only know her as Rebecca Pearson. But we can still remember her as a teenager who seemed like she might have all the talent in the world. And now? She’s an adult who obviously does have all the talent in the world.

And she’s going to bring that talent on tour soon. Moore is hitting the road this year on a North American tour. (You can find the dates and venues at her official website). Will some in attendance be going to hear “Rebecca Pearson” sing? Probably, because that’s how they know her. That might not be a bad thing, but feel free to explain to the youngsters in attendance that us “olds” have been waiting a long time for Mandy Moore to sing again.

Featured Image: Mandy Moore/YouTube

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