Live-Action MULAN Offers First Look at Its Sword-Wielding Star

Of all the animated classics that Disney has opted to transfer to the medium of live-action (and live-action-adjacent motion-capture animation), none has incurred quite the sort of excitement we’ve seen surrounding  Mulan and its transition to flesh and blood. Mulan may not have rivaled the likes of fellow denizens of the era The Lion King or Aladdin in box office intake or franchising legacy, but may we never underestimate what the ’98 animated feature offered in the way of empowerment and validation to a generation of young viewers. For those of us who saw ourselves anew in Mulan 20 years back, the prospect of a remake is invigorating if not a little apprehension-inducing. As such, we’re all abuzz over this first look at the new version’s titular warrior, played by Liu Yifei.

Live-Action MULAN Offers First Look at Its Sword-Wielding Star_1
Image: Disney

The sight of a real-life Mulan wielding her weapon to save her home country from domination (and what’s more, to save her aging father from dying on the battlefield) piques excitement. But then again, one can’t help but wish that our first look at Mulan could be the sight of her fully “incognito” as a male-coded soldier. Not only because that’s the look she’ll presumably be sporting for the majority of the picture, but also out of an eagerness to see how the film is looking to revive what was a pinnacle of self-discovery for a legion of transgender Disney fans.

But what do you think of this first look at Disney’s live-action Mulan? Let us know in comments!

Images: Disney

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