Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “OK Boomer” Freestyle Is Perfect

Right now it’s a good thing if your life is generally boring without much excitement. But quarantine life doesn’t necessarily result in the kinds of exploits that will forever be remembered in song. Not unless Lin-Manuel Miranda is the one singing them. He managed to take a mundane day in the COVID-19 life of Conan O’Brien and turn it into music magic. You won’t be able to social distance with his banging new earworm “OK Boomer.”

The Hamilton creator was a virtual guest on  Conan at Home. They talked about being unable to impress their children. That’s true even though Lin-Manuel Miranda got his young Elmo-obsessed son face-time with the beloved Sesame Street character. That would impress us! We also love this drawing of Conan that Miranda’s son made. The one where Conan has orange glasses and a hook for a hand.

Then Miranda put his renowned freestyle skills to work by making up a song about Conan. Miranda asked O’Brien some questions about his day thus far, and it could not have been less memorable. He woke up “late” at 9 a.m. and made a spinach smoothie. Then, he wrestled with his dog Loki (GREAT DOG NAME) and did a whopping three push-ups. Finally, his 14-year-old son insulted him when Conan asked for help with a computer issue.

That was all the composer needed to bust out a genuinely great song titled “OK Boomer,” which reminded us of Dana Carvey’s classic “ Chopping Broccoli” even before Miranda mentioned it.

And we agree with Conan’s assessment. He told Miranda, “All you need is a little more time in quarantine, polish that up, you got a great musical about another important historic figure.”

We’d go see it whenever Broadway reopens. Imagine how exciting those songs will be when Conan can leave the house again.

If you want to support Broadway workers, you can purchase one of the t-shirts both men were wearing at Teerico.

Featured Image: TBS

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