Lil Jon Teams Up with the Kool-Aid Man for a New Christmas Rap

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” and “peace on Earth” like a Lil Jon rap about gift receiving, featuring the Kool-Aid Man, am I right? Filed under “things we definitely weren’t expecting to see today,” a new music video for Lil Jon’s “All I Really Want for Christmas” has materialized from seemingly nowhere, offering us exactly that. “Oh, yeah!”

The famously irreverent rapper, who popularized “crunk music,” has apparently long-wanted to make a Christmas hit, telling Rolling Stone, “I could never get the right inspiration to get it done though. I wanted to do something fun for young and old, and I think that mission is accomplished.” Opinions may vary on what’s “fun for young and old,” but we’ll hand it to Lil Jon for this venture, even if it condones the most selfish aspects of the holiday: “All I really want for Christmas is everything on my list, baby!” Maybe not the best message to send, though we appreciate his honesty.The video does a good job of keeping things young and fresh, however, with a group of kids dancing as Old Saint Nick DJs, playing “all your favorite songs from A to Z.” But then Lil Jon goes and dumps out a whole bunch of eggnog, replacing it with Kool-Aid, which is… certainly brave, if somewhat sacrilegious.If you’re looking to add some pizazz to your Christmas playlist, “All I Really Want for Christmas” will certainly do the deed. We have to admit, the song is pretty catchy, even if the Kool-Aid Man’s inclusion kind of freaks us out.

Image: UMG/Geffen Records

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