Life-Sized LEGO Aston Martin Rolls Into London Store

LEGO master builders used 347,954 bricks to build 007’s most famous car. The silver Aston Martin DB5 is on display in London’s Leicester Square LEGO store. There’s also a minifigure James Bond, checking the cuffs of his tuxedo shirt like the dapper secret agent he is. Though is it still technically a minifigure at that size? The car took 1,366 hours to assemble and comes with at least a few of the gadgets seen in the Bond films from Goldfinger to No Time to Die.

A life-size LEGO Aston Martin car in a LEGO store in London
Aston Martin

The picture, shared on Aston Martin’s Twitter account, shows the car with its French license plate. According to DesignTAXI, the plate rotates to help 007 avoid the authorities, and parking tickets. In the films, the alternate sides display UK plate BMT 216A and LU 6789 for Switzerland. 

LEGO also sells a more traditional Aston Martin set with only 298 pieces. That one comes with five versions of the license plate that appeared in various movies on the car driven by Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. And while an earlier LEGO Creators set included some of the car’s bonus spy gadgets, it’s not clear if this super-sized version has an ejector seat, smoke screen, or other such secret agent tools. We look forward to getting a better view inside. And when that happens, maybe someone can tell us if that’s Dr. No’s fluffy white cat in the background too.

Aston Martin hasn’t shied away from its association with James Bond. In 2018, it even made a few of the cars and sold them to collectors for $3.5 million. But they weren’t street legal since they included some of those famous gadgets, like the license plate rotating device. We guess that means this LEGO version also can’t take to the streets.

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