LEGO’s James Bond Aston Martin Gives You License to Build

Anybody who has ever seen the James Bond movie Goldfinger has wished for a car with all those trimmings: wheel scythes, ejector seat, guns, car phone…okay, so maybe the car phone wasn’t going to age well forever. But while you can’t own a car like that for real–and even if you could, it would probably be illegal to actually activate all those bonus features–you can own a pretty good replica, which you’ll build yourself, as LEGO has just announced a deal with both the James Bond and Aston Martin brands to offer his most classic spymobile.

This is part of the LEGO creator line, so it’s not minifig-scaled (those could potentially come later, if all parties to the licensing agreement stay happy), but the increased size allows it to be rigged with signature gadgets. A working ejection seat, rotating license plates, rear-window bullet shield, front-wing machine guns, and wheel mounted tire slashers are among the features, as well as a concealable computer and door phone.

The car will run you around $149.99 and be available starting August 1st.

It’d be great to see some other Bond vehicles follow, like that nifty submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me, the tiny plane that popped out of a horse trailer in Octopussy, or the light-bending invisible car from Die Another Day…oh wait, you can probably just say you already have that and nobody will know. Point is, there’s fertile ground for James Bond and LEGO to explore together. But even if it’s just a one-time deal, they’ve given us what looks to be an all time high of a set.

What would you build for Bond if you had all the LEGO in the world? Put those gold fingers to the keyboard and shake (or stir) us up in comments below.

Images: LEGO


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