This LEGO Tuna Looks Good Enough to Eat, Even in Stop-Motion

You might think stop-motion LEGO food ASMR videos would have a narrow target audience, but apparently not. The video below of a massive LEGO tuna already has nearly a million views. Other videos on the I like home YouTube channel have millions as well. The fish market make-believe covers the whole preparation process, starting with the tuna on ice. Who knew that de-scaling a LEGO fish could be so fascinating to watch, and listen to?

The ASMR component includes realistic sounds from start to finish. That comes with both positive and negative moments, depending on your preferences. The noise of descaling a fish is particularly satisfying. Well, it’s that or perhaps it’s actually the sound of scraping clear 1×1 bricks off a LEGO build. But the rest of the video has a wet squelchy-ness that may make a few people hit mute. Just make sure you turn the sound back on for the end. That seems to include the real sound of someone chewing on LEGO bricks.

The three minute video is actually 2,273 pictures masterfully put together as stop-motion animation. As for the LEGO tuna itself, it’s more than five and a half feet long. We imagine it must have taken many hours to assemble thousands of bricks.

After sitting down to a well-earned break with the sashimi (with LEGO wasabi and soy sauce, of course), the builder packages the rest. In actuality, this set is like something in real life. The Dongwon gift set is a coveted (and expensive) package of fresh tuna steaks and sashimi from the South Korean company known for canned tuna.

A LEGO tuna being carved in stop-motion
I like home

The I like home YouTube channel hosts a whole series of LEGO food and cooking videos, including a similar one of the preparation of a salmon. They also feature some less fishy treats like wine, cakes, and a chocolate fountain.  

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