Stop-Motion of LEGO King Salmon Preparation Is a Real Treat

In a combination that we love—and isn’t nearly as rare as you think it’d be—South Korea-based YouTuber “I like home” has created an ASMR stop-motion LEGO cooking video. The creator’s video features him “preparing” a king salmon bowl with rice, and while the “meal” is obviously not edible, the video itself is a real treat for the senses.

I like home, who’s largely mysterious beyond his love for LEGO and stop-motion video making, posted the above video to his channel with a note that it took more than a month to make. The stop-motion maker says that, in total, the video consists of about 3,000 individual stills. Although, if he includes the shots he had to do twice, that number balloons up to 10,000 individual images.

The video begins with the creator preparing his sushi knife, apron, and, of course, a big LEGO king salmon. And as soon as he pulls the big faux fish out of its styrofoam box things get real. Fake “real,” of course. But still pretty real!

A LEGO Salmon on a table ready to be cut open in a stop-motion animation made by YouTuber I like home.
I like home

After showing the LEGO salmon doing a little dancing on its death bed, the creator takes his sushi knife and stabs it into the fish’s neck; letting loose a stream of LEGO blood that spills out and drips onto the floor. He then scrapes the “skin” off the fish with his knife, exposing its orange flesh. (The scraping sounds feel accurate but also a little unsettling? Or maybe that’s just the thought of fish scales flying everywhere.)

Following the skin scraping, I like home proceeds to pull the fish bones out of the salmon; stripping out its vertebrae with the kind of squishy sound that would make Dexter salivate. He then peels a real onion, subsequently turning it into bits of LEGO onion. And, finally, slices up the fresh fish “flesh” into slabs that he places atop his bowl of LEGO rice.

A LEGO Salmon on a table ready to be cut open in a stop-motion animation made by YouTuber I like home.
I like home

The video creator reveals the final product at a little over two-and-a-half minutes in. And he even proceeds to “eat” pieces of the fish, with the accompanying sound effects. All of which are quite “juicy” in nature. Sort of like this LEGO chocolate cake, which will make for a great dessert until a bowl of plasticized mochi comes along.

Feature image: I like home 

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