These LEGO STAR WARS Photographs Are Truly a Force

LEGOs are the vehicles of many astounding nerdy creations. But now, Photographer Daniel Sands has taken them one step further. With the help of homemade special effects, Sands creates extraordinary Star Wars photography  using the toys. These Star Wars LEGO scenes, which we first saw on Neatorama, rival the cinematography in the live-action films themselves.

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Sands explains how the project got going on his website:

I’ve been a fan of LEGO for as long as I can remember and have numerous sets on display around the house (thankfully, my wife is a fan, too!) but hadn’t thought of combining my photography hobby and love of LEGO until we were all locked down and asked to stay at home. So, with outside photography on hold and me looking for indoor photography projects, I thought I’d see what I could produce with the sets I already owned.

The first images I produced were quite simple studio images, but these were quickly replaced with more atmospheric setups. There’s no fancy studio or lighting used – my initial setup was some old pizza boxes on top of my tumble dryer! Add in some ash from the BBQ and light from an old bike light, and that’s all I needed – I hope this will inspire you to dig out the bricks in your home and have a go yourself.

Star Wars Lego Scene Creation of Boba Fett flying away from an explosion

Daniel Sands Photography – Shop

It’s truly amazing that so much came from so little. We would never guess that Sands’ majestic explosions are actually remnants from a grill. Sands shares that the collection takes inspiration from fellow photographer Vesa Lehtimäki.

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Sands imbues a visceral tone in his designs. Whether somber, dramatic or wryly humorous, the Star Wars LEGOS (and adjacent sparks) really come to life. The photography evokes an emotionality that makes it seem so cinematic. To learn more about how he does it, check out his Bricks From Another Galaxy YouTube channel. There he reveals tips and tricks to landing the perfect shot.

Sands regularly shares new art on his website and Instagram! For those interested in purchasing some of his dynamic work, prints are available in his online shop. Truly perfect for any fan’s collection!

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