STAR WARS LEGO Helmets Introduce Luke, Mando, and Dark Trooper Sets

Star Wars has always been about the cool headgear, from Stormtroopers to bounty hunters to Darth Vader himself. Now, the folks at LEGO are continuing their celebration of some of the most iconic helmets from the galaxy far, far away. Not too long ago, they released the first parts of the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection for the adult collector. These featured Vader, Boba Fett, a Stromtrooper, a Scout Trooper, and a TIE-Fighter pilot.

The 2022 LEGO Star Wars Helmets Collection

Now, via Star Wars’ official site, we’ve learned about the 2022 additions to the collection, showcasing the Mandalorian’s helmet, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing helmet, and maybe coolest of all, the Imperial Dark Trooper helmet from The Mandalorian season two.

Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing (Red Five) Star Wars LEGO Helmet

Luke’s X-Wing helmet, from when he went under the call-sign of “Red Five,” was a challenging design. Partially because it was the first open helmet LEGO Star Wars creation. But from the chin strap to the microphone, it’s a near-perfect approximation of Mark Hamill’s famous headgear from the original trilogy.

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing helmet, recreated in LEGO form.

You can now pre-order Luke Skywalker’s LEGO helmet.

The Mandalorian’s Star Wars LEGO Helmet

Din Djarin’s helmet from The Mandalorian was another challenge, design-wise, for LEGO. On the show, the helmet is of course very shiny Beskar armor. To create the feel of that shine, the designers at LEGO used different shades of gray. There are numerous angled surfaces that merge, creating strong contrasting areas of highlight and shadow. Display this one on your shelf, and you’ll be worthy of the Darksaber.

The Mandalorian's Beskar helmet gets the LEGO treatment.

You can now pre-order the Mandalorian’s LEGO helmet.

The Dark Trooper’s Star Wars LEGO Helmet

Finally, the Dark Trooper brings the Imperial droids into LEGO brick form at last. The Dark Trooper has the signature glowing red eyes, and a special hinge at the neck, allowing for the head to tilt down. Just be sure to keep it spaced far apart from Luke’s helmet on your shelf. We know that Master Skywalker likes to turn those Dark Troopers into a scrap heap.

You can now pre-order the Dark Trooper’s LEGO helmet.

The Dark Trooper helmet made entirely of black LEGO bricks.

As mentioned, all the Star Wars helmets are available for pre-order now. The LEGO helmets will official release date of March 1.

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