LEGO Is Making 13,000 Visors a Day for Medical Workers

It’s time for another round of applause for LEGO, the company that has consistently done its duty to bring childhood dreams to life in the form of buildable bricks. But this time around, it’s the Danish toy maker’s effort to combat COVID-19 by manufacturing 13,500 visors a day that deserves the standing LEG(O). Because we all know those visors are going to be quality.

USAToday reported on LEGO’s skunkworks visor-building endeavor, which was recently announced on the company’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. According to a video the company tweeted (above), the company has converted six of its moulding machines at its Billund factory in Denmark to solely produce visors. And while LEGO is “only” producing 13,500 visors a day at this point, the company says it can, if needed, ramp that up to 58,000 a day.

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The visors the Billund factory is cranking out are vital components of a medical professional’s Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE). It makes sense that they are particularly in demand at this point, as COVID-19 is often transmitted via droplets in the air, usually resultant of an infected person coughing or sneezing. Aside from shielding wearers’ faces from said droplets, the visors also probably help to remind them not to touch their faces.

LEGO Is Making 13,000 Visors a Day for Medical Workers_1

Who else thinks IRL LEGO helmets (approved by the FDA!) would make for cool PPE? Jonathan Wilson

LEGO says that its visors have been approved by hospitals, and that the first order of 50,000 units has already been placed. Production of the visors will also begin at other LEGO factories around the world at some point, starting in Hungary. There is no word yet on whether or not there will be some kind of commemorative set for COVID-19 medical workers, which would be awesome. Because who doesn’t want a LEGO set dedicated to them? And who could be more deserving?

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