LEGO HORIZON ADVENTURES Offers Aloy’s Machine Battle in Brick Form

For decades now, LEGO has brought its singular brand of brick-building fun to licensed properties. Almost as long as that, it has also produced video games based on those licensed properties. After dozens of Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, and more titles hit consoles, we finally have an ouroboros. The latest LEGO video game, announced at the Nintendo Direct, is based on a non-LEGO video game for PlayStation. Feast your eyes on LEGO Horizon Adventures.

The open-world action game puts players in control of Aloy, a girl from a future agrarian society after an unspecified apocalypse made animal-like machines the dominant creatures on the planet. She must learn about her past and save her people while also battling robot velociraptors and shit. This LEGO edition will bring together the events and characters from 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn and 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West, but in the inimitable cute building style.

Why this game exists, I don’t really know, but for fans of both the LEGO games and the Horizon games, this is probably a no-brainer. LEGO Horizon Adventures hits Nintendo Switch this holiday season.

A massive robot creature, but in brick form, from Nintendo's upcoming LEGO Horizon Adventures game.

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