LEGO Botanical Builds Are Gorgeous Floral Perfection

In our humble opinion, any and all LEGO builds are for adults and children alike. Whether it’s Star Wars or Harry Potter or anything else. However, some builders might want something a little more understated than a Death Star or a Diagon Alley displayed in their living room. Well, now there’s something a little more low key (and a lot more floral) for the adult LEGO collector.

LEGO flowers and bonsai tree


Via Sora News 24, we’ve learned about the new LEGO Botanical Collection, an intricate pair of plant-inspired sets. LEGO designed these delicate creations with the 18 and over crowd in mind. This is the perfect kit for our stay-at-home lives right now. It brings a little bit of floral cheer into one’s home at a trying time, and the flowers will never wilt. The video below explains many aspects of these cool new builds, including how petals were recycled pterodactyl wings and robot heads from other sets!

The first offerings in this new line are the LEGO Flower Bouquet and the LEGO Bonsai. There is no official retail price for either of these sets as of yet although most online vendors are selling them for around $58. Appropriately enough, each one of these sets contains parts from a plant-derived plastic. The company sourced those plastics from sustainably-grown sugarcane.

LEGO bouquets on a table


Several customizable flower arrangements are a part of these sets. Builders can create snapdragons, roses, California poppies, daisies, and floral grasses. Fans can even use the the rose and tulip models from other sets and incorporate them into these new bouquets. As for the bonsai tree set, it has verdant green leaves or pink cherry blossom colors. This allows for builders to change it up depending on the time of year.

Both sets are on sale now at LEGO stores nationwide and can be purchased from select online vendors.

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