New LEGO Set Celebrates STAR WARS’ Most Shocking Revelation

“No. I am your father.” Those five words will forever echo across the galaxy far, far away and the annals of cinema. It’s one of the most shocking moments in movie history; the evil Darth Vader stunned the world when he told the heroic young Luke Skywalker what Obi-Wan never did. Now, for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, that seminal moment will be brought to life with the Star Wars Bespin Duel LEGO set.

New LEGO Set Celebrates STAR WARS' Most Shocking Revelation_1Star Wars/LEGO has announced as part of the ongoing celebration of The Empire Strikes Back‘s release 40 years ago on May 21, 1980, that its most famous scene will be commemorated with a fantastic new LEGO collection. The all-new Star Wars Bespin Duel set recreates Luke and Vader’s first lightsaber battle. However, it focuses on the end of the scene when Vader dropped the biggest truth bomb in sci-fi history. Two previous Cloud City sets have included this scene. But this is the first time it has ever had its own breakout collection.

Designer Jens Kronvold Frederiksen told about the creation of the set. He focused on the visual design and details. The set is more of a collectable than a toy, and even comes with a display base.

They also sought to make it as screen accurate as possible. To do that they watched the sequence “over and over again.” They also used original reference images provided by Lucasfilm, which included some black-and-white pictures from the set.

New LEGO Set Celebrates STAR WARS' Most Shocking Revelation_2Star Wars/LEGO

The design is so accurate the two mini-figs of Luke and Vader aren’t wielding lightsabers. Luke had already lost his (and his hand) by that point in the scene. And Vader had turned his off. They’re still included with the 295-piece set, though. Fans will still want them. (Otherwise Maz Kanata will end up with them and we’ll never know how or why.)

You can get your LEGO Star Wars Bespin Duel set exclusively at starting August 27. We don’t have to wait though know one thing, though. This LEGO set will still be just as powerful in 40 years.

Featured Image: Star Wars/LEGO

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