LUIGI’S MANSION Expansion Set Summons Spooky Adventures

The days of Luigi playing second fiddle to Mario appear to be in the past. Following on the heels of last year’s announcement that Luigi was getting his own LEGO starter course, the world-famous toy company is expanding Luigi’s LEGO footprint even more. You can now buy yourself a Luigi’s Mansion LEGO expansion set. And it’s one that takes the iconic character in a far more spooky direction. You can see it all in detail in the LEGO video right here:

If you ever wanted a Super Mario/ Disney Haunted Mansion crossover, this might be the closest you’ll ever get. LEGO is actually offering three of these, which you can play with separately, or join together. It starts with the $30 Lab and Poltergust set. And if you’re wondering what the heck a Poltergust is, that’s a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to suck up ghosts. With this one, you can equip Luigi with the Poltergust and use it to capture the Gold Ghost. (we’re guessing that’s a ghost that’s on the pricey side).

Luigi holding his ghost catching Poltergust from the LEGO Mansion set.

Then, the $40 Mansion Entry set allows you to enter the spooky manor itself. There, you’ll meet Boo, one of the common ghost enemies in Super Mario World, as you grab the Golden Bone for Polterpup. (Is Polterpup related to Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas?) Finally, the $80 Haunt-and-Seek LEGO set further expanding upon the Luigi’s Mansion game. This is one that allows you to walk through a series of rotating hallways filled with spooks and hidden gems to find.

According to the video, Luigi’s Mansion allows you to “brave haunted hallways, and find hidden treasures.” You can also save your “ghost-napped friends” from a terrible fate. (Is that Toad stuck in a haunted mirror?) This is a world where mystery and discovery meet. You can order Luigi’s Mansion now by clicking on this link.

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