LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Director Confirms Sequel Is Being Worked On

It’s been almost two years since the wonderful LEGO Batman movie hit theaters, delighting both casual and hardcore Bat-fans alike. But fans have been wondering if we’d ever get a follow up, aside from Will Arnett’s Batman returning for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part of course. Now, finally, the director of the first film, Chris McKay, confirmed on Twitter that while a second movie has not been announced yet, they are working on something right now in terms of a sequel. course, this doesn’t mean the movie has been greenlit or has a script or has entered pre-production at all – but it does mean that the folks at Warner Brothers are at the very least seriously looking at making a follow up film. Chris McKay had been announced as directing a Nightwing movie, but it seems like that film is on the back burner for now, possibly due to the fact that Titans on the DC Universe streaming platform is covering the story of Dick Grayson’s transformation from Robin to Nightwing pretty thoroughly at the moment.The LEGO Batman Movie was essentially an origin story for Robin/Dick Grayson, but it would be fun to see LEGO-ized versions of the other Robins show up as well. Characters like Jason Todd and Damian Wayne are ripe for a big screen movie having a little fun at their expense. As long as McKay and the same creative team from the first movie is involved, we are ready to buy our tickets now.

Images: Warner Brothers 

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