Few things can surprise us anymore in this year of 2020. However, the minds behind Legends of Tomorrow managed to both shock us and put a smile on our faces with a brilliantly unexpected crossover. They hilariously found their way into one of our all-time favorite CW shows, Supernatural!

Constantine and Sara Lance search the Impala in Legends

The CW/Michael Courtney

Legends of Tomorrow returned in a new episode “Zari, Not Zari” that was full of huge reveals, a shocking loss, and a bunch of new info for die-hard fans. But what we were really excited about was the totally unexpected Supernatural crossover that occurred whilst Charlie, Sara, and John were on the hunt for the mythical artifact known as the Loom of Fate. We should have known what to expect when the crew ended up in modern day Vancouver. The trio confirmed our hunch when they wandered through a forest and found a shooting notice for the magical demon-hunter series.

It turns out Canary has the hots for the Winchester brothers. Dean is even her “Hall Pass” with her girlfriend Ava! Bisexual representation!! That’s not the only Supernatural nod, though. We even got to see the crew rifling through the trunk of a very familiar 1967 Chevrolet Impala… yep, the beautiful Baby made a cameo. There was even a prop dead body and a little Supernatural music cue, too.

Charlie with the Supernatural Impala

The CW/Michael Courtney

Legends has always excelled when it pokes fun at itself. This super meta episode did that in the best possible way. Not only does the smash hit show Supernatural exist in the world of the Legends of Tomorrow, the trio’s excursion put it in jeopardy. Charlie’s sister, who just so happens to be a Greek god named Atropos, locates Sara and Charlie. And sadly for the crew of Supernatural, she’s also the God of Death. That doesn’t bode well for the crew shooting the final season of the beloved show. As Sara states, “If they’re dead, who’s shooting season 15?”

We couldn’t be happier that the Legends crew blessed us with this silly CW crossover. It gave us some much needed giggles during this trying time.

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Featured Image: The CW / Michael Courtney

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