Learn How To Make Your Own GREEN LANTERN Power Battery

The key to any good Green Lantern cosplay isn’t the emerald power ring—anyone came make or buy or one of those. And nope, it’s not the white opera gloves that Hal Jordan wears, either. Or the domino mask. It’s the Oan power battery, which any member of the Green Lantern Corps needs to say their “In Brightest Day/In Blackest Night” oath as they charge up their ring.

Now, there are official Green Lantern power batteries available for sale out there, but frankly, they’re not all that cool, and many are made kind of cheaply. On top of that, they’re pricey as well. If you want a proper power battery lantern, you’ll probably have to make one yourself.Luckily, the folks at the DIY Prop Shop YouTube channel—the same guys that showed fans how to make their own Batman utility belt and Harley Quinn hammer—have got you covered when it comes to making a kick-ass Green Lantern battery. Their latest video, which you can view above, shows you exactly how to produce one for yourself. You might not have been able to debut it at  Comic-Con in San Diego, but Halloween is just around the corner here.

It should be noted that the power battery design they’re going with in this video is the one from the pages of the classic DC Comics, not the 2011 Ryan Reynolds movie. Not sure why anyone would want to reflect that particular movie, but hey, I’ve seen Joel Schumacher-era Batman and Robin cosplay before, complete with nipples, so you just never know in this crazy world.

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Featured Image: DC Comics

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