How to Make a LABYRINTH Plush from a Beanie Baby

Swashbuckling! Valiant! And cute as heck?! Sir Didymus from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is a standout character in a crazily creative film that’s already packed with unforgettable personalities. The knightly fox and his noble steed Ambrosius are immediately unforgettable, and it’s not a stretch to say we’d all like to have a companion as true as Sir Didymus ourselves.


Disney / Jim Henson

Crafter Kristy O‘s expert eyes caught a peek at the stuffed toy in the movie that inspires Sir Didymus, and she realized she could make her own with a lot of components she already had around the house. The key piece? A store-bought stuffed squirrel. She teaches you how to make your own Sir Didymus out of a Beanie Baby, yarn, felt, and fabric. We want to give it a hug right now.

On her crafting blog, Kristy tells you everything you need to make your own stuffed Sir Didymus. It all starts with a Beanie Baby named “Nuts the Squirrel,” who can be found readily online at an affordable price used. (We spotted one auction with an opening bid of $25,000 for a mint condition plush. Maybe don’t get that one.)

Even if you’ve never threaded a needle in your life, Kristy explains the steps to crafting the cute plush so well that you’ll feel like a sewing pro just reading the walkthrough.

Obviously a huge Labyrinth fan, Kristy has also stitched together cuddly Ludo and Firey plush toys, Jareth’s amulet, and more.

Take a look through Kristy’s Instagram and blog for more pop culture and film inspired crafts and replicas. (This Prince Adam portrait from Beauty and the Beast is uncanny.) Whether you call yourself a crafter or not, you’ll be inspired to pick up the scissors and paint after looking through the artist’s amazing creations.

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures

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