Kylo Ren is Ruthless in STAR WARS RESISTANCE Season Two Trailer

Last fall, Star Wars Resistance premiered and made the sequel trilogy’s world a whole lot bigger. Now, characters like rookie spy Kazuda Xiono and the painfully literal Neeku are some of our favorite additions to the Star Wars universe. The show’s season finale featured a fight on the Colossus and the Resistance crew on their way—hopefully—to D’Qar. Today, Star Wars gave us our first glimpse at the heroes’ continued journey in an upcoming season two trailer.

At first glance, it seems the Colossus is stranded in space and needs to find a place to land. They’re also balancing a shortage of supplies while evading the First Order, who is hot on their trail. Tamara, the grumpy-yet-lovable mechanic, is now on the First Order’s side. She’ll be a major key in tracking down Kaz, the Colossus crew, and the Resistance this season. 

Kaz is still a “master at keeping a low profile” and he’s searching with Yeager for more First Order secrets. Captain Doza’s Ace pilots—including Hype Fazon, Griff, and Totra—look like they’re lending a hand with the investigation.

It also seems like Resistance season two will add more lore to the Star Wars universe. We’re hoping we learn more about the disappearance of the Jedi and the beginnings of the First Order this season. Perhaps we can even learn more about Kylo’s succumbing to the Dark Side?

Speaking of Kylo, the new supreme leader is one of many movie characters who will appear in season two. Captain Phasma is back, and we can definitely expect General Hux. Kaz and Team Fireball’s involvement with the Resistance is for sure a thorny prick in Kylo’s side. We’re also delighted to learn that Kylo’s undercover radar technician uniform from Saturday Night Live is now canon in the Star Wars universe. Neeku and Kaz will probably fare a lot better than Kylo did at workplace banter within the First Order. 

Most important, though, is that this trailer confirms that Resistance’s season two will be the show’s last. Even though we’re sad to see it go, this decision makes a lot of sense. Resistance’s story is running out of time to intersect with the movies, so it needs to wrap up soon. Plus, by making this season its last, the show is able to end on its own terms. 

Star Wars Resistance returns to Disney Channel on October 6. In the meantime, we’ll be rewatching the first season and grubbing on some gorgs.

Header Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

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