This Year “Krispy Skreme” Halloween Doughnuts Are Witch Themed

Looking for some enchanting treats for this year’s spooky season? Well, if you’re like us and can’t find a box of that Monster Mash cereal anywhere, then you might want to try something different. Maybe something a wee bit witchier? Via Bloody-Disgusting, we’ve learned that this Halloween, Krispy Kreme has rebranded themselves “Krispy Skreme.” And to go with the name change, they’ve got a trio of witch-themed doughnuts available through October 31.

2021 Krispy Skreme Witch themed donuts.

Krispy Kreme

Not only do they have these new spellbinding doughnuts, but if you order a dozen, they even come in spellbook packaging. The three witchy doughnuts from Krispy Skreme are as follows:

  • Bewitched Broomstick – A Kreme-filled doughnut dipped in purple icing. They decorate it with an icing swirl and gold stars, finished with a green buttercreme and pretzel “broomstick”.
  • Abra Cat Dabra – An Original Glazed doughnut dipped in chocolate icing and black sanding sugar. They decorate it like a cat, and add icing and sugar fondant eyes.
  • Enchanted Cauldron – A Glazed Chocolate Cake doughnut topped with Kreme. It’s decorated like a cauldron with sprinkles and a pretzel “broomstick”.

In the past, Krispy Kreme has released different doughnut-themed assortments for Halloween. One year they did Universal Monsters doughnuts. And another year it was Jack-o’-lanterns and spiderwebs. They even did bug-eyed aliens once. We truly appreciate Krispy Kreme’s commitment to Sparkle Motion, to use a Donnie Darko phrase.

We just hope someone goes to buy these at their local Krispy Skreme dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Or maybe Maleficent, or the Wicked Witch of the West. Just go in there in full witchy regalia, and come out with a Book of Shadows filled with sugary goodness. And if you need a magic potion to wash that all down? Then this year they’ve also got a “Caramel Apple Chiller” drink for a limited time. For a full list of participating Krispy Screme locations, be sure to click here.

Featured Image: Krispy Kreme 

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