Decoding KONG: SKULL ISLAND’s Post-Credits Scene

There was only one king of the jungle at the box office last weekend, and his name is King Kong! Kong: Skull Island hit theaters like a proverbial giant ape, and catapulted over  Logan to reach the number 1 slot. But this movie was more than just a monster smash, it’s a gateway to the future. The much hyped post-credits scene did not disappoint, and we’re here to breakdown what it means. King Kong ain’t got nothing on us in today’s Nerdist News.There are massive spoilers ahead for Kong: Skull Island and the future of the MonsterVerse. Like seriously, see the film before you watch this video or read the rest of this post. You’ve been warned!Join host, and everyone’s favorite monster hunter, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through those critical moments in Kong: Skull Island that set up at least the next few MonsterVerse films. Of course, there was the prerequisite hint of Godzilla, which is leading to the much-anticipated rematch in Godzilla vs. King Kong. But what really has us excited is the foreshadowing for Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan. They are some of Godzilla’s greatest adversaries, and this may indicate that Big G’ is gonna have a pretty full fight slate in the years ahead.Thankfully, Kong: Skull Island may have provided a way to explain how King Kong can match Godzilla in size. He’s still a growing boy! But the real question now is when will the battle take place? We’re hoping for an epic ’80s encounter!What time period do you want to see in Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let out a mighty roar and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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