Kirby USB Desk Fan Definitely Doesn’t Suck

Understanding fully this will make me sound basic, my go-to Super Smash Bros. character has been and always will be Kirby. I am not very good at the game (a.k.a. I am bad at it), and his ability to suck in air and stave off death by floating back to solid ground allows me to prolong my chances in battle. Plus, that rotund mass of pink puff is easy to spot in a crowded screen, and it’s always fun watching my friends get mad each time they get vacuumed up by him. I’ve picked him so many times in video games I wish I could hang out with him in real life. But short of that, I might have found the next best thing with this USB powered Kirby desk fan. And while it might blow, it definitely doesn’t suck.

The new version of the Kirby Dream Land: Kirby USB Electric Fan (which we first learned about at Geekologie) comes from SK Japan. Standing 6-inches tall (with Kirby’s mouth coming in at 4.1-inches), this lightweight plastic desk-side cooler weighs less than one pound. It’s also a major improvement from the original that was for sale last year. As the online retailer NCSX notes, with that version, “the blades were exposed due to the lack of a cover” and that “led to scattered safety concerns.” Yeah, fans are weird like that. Fortunately, this time Kirby’s mouth comes with a cover to keep all your gaming digits safe.

The only downside is that since the Kirby fan needs to be imported from Japan, it comes with a higher price tag than you might expect, with the low end coming at at around $36 dollars before shipping and handling. (Though if you get lucky you might find a slightly cheaper price on eBay.)

Not that I’m worried about it. I’ve been cashing in on Kirby’s ability to suck for years, so why would I blow a chance to hang out with my favorite fighter?

Featured Image: SK Japan

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