The Internet’s Best Reactions to Kirby After That SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Trailer

Most of the fighters filling out the original  Super Smash Bros lineup, despite boasting variety in skill, style, and species, fit the bill for a certain class of player aiming to look, and feel, tough. Fox was cool; Link was swift; Donkey Kong was brutal and brawny; Samus was edgy. But Kirby? Nobody chose Kirby to boost their street cred. Kirby was the character you chose first out of sheer love, or perhaps merely appreciation for his adorable boneless frame, until you eventually learned that he was actually kind of a powerhouse. (Unless you’re like me and never became good at Super Smash Bros., and simply kept choosing him because he’s cute.)But now, we proud Kirby devotees have some serious pink-hued glory to bask in, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate practically deemed the Pop Star native its freakin’ messiah. The game’s latest trailer, debuted during Thursday morning’s Nintendo Direct presentation, showcased an apocalyptic nightmare that spared not even the mightiest of Nintendo’s beloved heroes… except, that is, Kirby. See him survive the actual end of the world at the 2:20 mark:

And lest you believe I’m simply blowing smoke about a community of Kirbyists who couldn’t be prouder of our respiratorally gifted savior, take a quick gander at Twitter to see just how excited our kind is.

We sure can talk about it. In fact, we’re all talking about it. Kirb Kirb’s heroism has gone far too long unsung.

Granted, we’re not quite sure how the narrative of the trailer will come into play in Smash Bros Ultimate proper, but we’re excited to see Kirby reign supreme as the true best character of the lot. In the meantime, let’s continue to delight in some Kirby love, and celebrate everything we’ve learned from the shapeshifting demigod over the years.

And of course, Twitter couldn’t help but make comparisons to another world-ending debacle we all enjoyed recently.

Are you a Kirber, through and through? Join us.

Image: Nintendo

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