This Grandpa’s Kinetic Sculptures Are Ingenious and Soothing

If YouTube’s taught us anything it’s that there are millions of creators out there who have mastery over random yet wonderful skill sets. “Mr. Tfue” in South America, for example, is able to build primitive underground water parks that look like heaven. Chinese carpenter “Grandpa Amu,” likewise, can engineer all kinds of kinetic sculptures from little more than bamboo and wood. Like the assortment of stunning creations in the video below.

In the video Grandpa Amu recently released on his channel, he shows off a handful of his past creations one after the other. The DIY masterpieces include a bamboo rocking chair, a wood bridge, a luban lock (a traditional Chinese folk toy), and even an electrified fountain with a levitating Olympics symbol at its center.

The YouTuber, Grandpa Amu, standing behind a red, wooden water fountain with a levitating Olympics symbol.

Grandpa Amu

It’s hard to pick the most ingenious creation as they’re all so simple yet efficient. The little waterwheel with a moving well worker is clever and cute, especially when Grandpa’s grandchild (we’re guessing that’s who it is) joins in on the fun. There’s also the hand-cranked bubble shooter, which we’d like to start seeing at parties. And the wood bridge with its snapping pieces is basically the visual version of a tingling ASMR video.

Everyone can find the complete, individual build videos for each one of the creations on Grandpa Amu’s channel. Which is good, because while it’s cool to see these moving sculptures, the full-length videos are way more relaxing. Like the one immediately above, which features Amu crafting a fish pond with flowing water ornaments.

Master carpenter Grandpa Amu sits in a chair as he turns the wheel of a bamboo bubble machine spewing out bubbles.

Grandpa Amu

For those now ready for more creative ways to chill out, may we suggest this beginner’s guide to meditation. Or, if you’re more of a builder like Amu, you can try focusing on making something small and intricate. Like, say, little themed book nooks. Or a very tiny hamster obstacle course. Speaking of which, imagine what kind of grand hamster homes Grandpa Amu could build!

Feature image: Grandpa Amu

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