These Kinetic Sand ASMR TikToks Are Ridiculously Satisfying

Here at Nerdist, we love the little things that give us a moment of respite during a busy day. Whether it’s a soothing Lo-Fi remix of our favorite Disney songs or watching videos of people making “meals” out of LEGO bricks. These kinds of videos are so fun to watch and only take up a minute of our time, too. I am extremely hit or miss on ASMR. I struggle to find the whisper method soothing. However, apparently I love the soft, soothing noise of people cutting into things. It’s why I love the LEGO food videos. And it’s why I cannot stop watching these TikToks of people cutting into colorful kinetic sand. It’s ASMR perfection.

Anakin Skywalker, this is your cue to look away as there is a whole lot of sand ahead.

A trio of Kinetic Sand ASMR videos by SandTagious

SandTagious is the account that stops me in my tracks while scrolling through my ‘For you’ page. The account’s been on TikTok since 2019, posting videos that are roughly 30 seconds long. They also have a YouTube channel for longer soothing sand compilations, but I think the short scrollable videos are what make them hit the ASMR sweet spot. It’s also quite addicting, so I will watch no fewer than a dozen videos at once.

I’m clearly not the only one. Over the course of three years, SandTagious has racked up about 19 million followers on TikTok.  The beauty of the account—to the detriment of my own productivity—is the variety. They use sand of all colors and so, so many different methods of slicing, squishing, and poking. There are even videos in which SandTagious scoops up sand like it’s ice cream.

Some videos focus on one soothing style of sand movement. Others feature a compilation, giving viewers a wide range of sand ASMR videos to fit particular needs, should they arise. There is even a LEGO/Kinetic Sand crossover, which is the dream!

The internet is a vast place full of different kinds of mesmerizing, relaxing videos. But as much as I love playing with Kinetic Sand, somehow watching Kinetic Sand ASMR videos is even more satisfying.

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