KFC’s Chizza Is a Fried Chicken Pizza

Are pizza and fried chicken two great tastes that taste great together? I mean, they’re both good separately, and I would eat them side by side. But KFC is hoping fast food fans out there will want the two to get even closer. Please welcome the Chizza. Yes, KFC’s Chizza is a fried chicken pizza that will handle all your cravings at once (and also may or may not fill your daily calorie intake to the brim and then some.) But everything in moderation, right? Even Chizza.

KFC Chizza fried chicken pizza

According to Today.com, this new marriage between fried chicken and pizza is pronounced “cheet-za.” That kind of makes us think of Cheetos, but thankfully, those aren’t involved here… Not yet, anyway. We feel like a “cheese-a” pronunciation might fit a little better, but what do we know?

Regardless of pronunciation, Chizza’s description is as follows. KFC shares, “It’s not pizza, it’s Chizza: two 100% white meat Extra Crispy fried chicken filets topped with zesty marinara sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and crispy pepperoni.” We feel like the pepperoni is what really pushes it over the edge here. Pepperoni on top of chicken? KFC’s Chizza is really taking us to some wild places.

Nevertheless, we can imagine some folks will feel excited to try KFC’s Chizza. It’s not the craziest thing a fast-food chain has done. For those who can’t wait to try this blend, the Chizza will be available nationwide in the US beginning on February 26. But it will only remain on the menu for a limited time, so don’t delay in trying out this concoction.

We may just be hungry, but the idea of the Chizza is starting to grow on us the longer we think about it. Cheese, fried chicken, and pepperoni. It couldn’t go that wrong, could it? We guess we’ll have to head to KFC and find out.

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